How to prepare your house for selling

Selling a house is a hectic task, putting it up for sale and then dealing all kinds of different people and showing them your house can get old pretty fast and anyone would get annoyed after the first few visits.

So it is really important that your house gets sold as soon as possible. And the preparations for making that possible start even before you list your house for sale. If your house looks great, you not only find buyers faster, you also get a really good price for your house.

Preparing your house means making it look desirable for a wide variety of customers. You can start with getting your house cleaned professionally, there are many local residential cleaning contractors here in Brooklyn NY. But you need to do a lot more if you really wish to sell it faster and for a good price. Here we have listed a few things you need to do before putting your house up for sale.

1.      Pay attention to the exterior

The first thing that needs your immediate attention is the exterior. Ever heard the phrase “first impression is the last impression”? And the first thing any potential buyer will see as soon as they pull up is your exterior. Now your house could look like a mansion from the inside but if they saw a dirty lawn or exterior they will already have made an impression.

It isn’t even that hard. Just a few touches will get the job done. Using a power wash to clean the exterior and landscaping your lawn. Maybe add a few plants and pots along the entryway. And your house will look a lot better.

2.      Pay attention to lighting

Lighting is the second thing you need to focus on. Make sure that the lighting in your house is good. Replace any old dim light bulbs and use the natural suns light to your advantage. Get rid of any curtains that block the sun. This will make your house look a lot bigger than it actually is.

3.      Make your house look neutral

Not everyone who comes to check your house will have the same taste as you. So it’s really important that you remove any personal items and use generic decoration for your house. Maybe a mounted moose head in the living room is not the best idea.

4.      Cleaning service

You want your house to look its absolute best on the day you’re selling. So it’s important that you clean it properly. Now cleaning sounds easy but try cleaning those water stained faucets in your bathroom. To make sure that your house looks it’s perfectly clean. Hiring a professional house cleaning service might be the way to go. These services make sure that there are no stains left anywhere, may it be those water stained faucets or furniture stains on your walls. They get everything look clean and your house will look as presentable as it can be.

5.      Smells

Smells matter a lot, researches have shown we humans subconsciously give more preference to smells then what we see. If your living space smells bad, finding a buyer is going to be really hard. Get rid of anything that might be causing weird smells. Maybe a dirty carpet, or maybe something you cooked that makes the place stink, need to be avoided.

Author bio: Ms. Tomna is a former real estate agent and has 20 years of experience in real estate, including experience is title and escrow. She often writes articles to help sellers and buyers and shares her experience on her blog.

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